ViaLite HD RF over Fiber System

ViaLite HD RF over Fiber

ViaLiteHD is the latest generation of ViaLite RF over fiber technology.  ViaLiteHD rack cards are compatible with all other ViaLite links including modules and ViaLite Classic cards and modules.  However, ViaLiteHD rack cards do require a ViaLiteHD chassis.

A ViaLiteHD rack chassis is equipped with two 100W dual redundant power supplies and either a summary alarm card or an SNMP network control module.  Each ViaLiteHD chassis will accept up to 13 rack cards.  Since dual cards are available in ViaLiteHD this means a single rack chassis can support up to 26 links.


Key Features

  • 13 rack cards per 3U chassis
  • Dual cards (Rx/Rx, Rx/Tx and Tx/Tx) allows 26 links per chassis
  • SNMP monitor and control
  • wideband capability 2kHz to 4.2GHz
  • Blind mate
  • Hot swappable
  • On card WDM multiplexing allows two signals on a single fiber
  • On card LNA/LNB power feed options
  • Auto email alerts for alarm conditions

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