OTDR – Trace Analysis for Managers

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OTDR Trace Analysis for managers is a one-day online class with live, instructor-led lecture and exercises to train managers in evaluating the traces they receive and see potential issues that may create problems down the road.

This class is designed to assist managers in understanding the complexities of understanding an OTDR trace. OTDRs can provide valuable information about loss and location of faults, but only if the person interrupting the results understands how to read the data. The trace can show you the power loss but does not provide the source of such loss. Analysis of the trace is complicated since there are multiple causes to a loss. It’s important to realize that the OTDR can only provide accurate measurements and proper interpretations if the OTDR is setup correctly.

  • What does an OTDR do?
  • OTDR basics: What does an OTDR measure?
  • How does an OTDR create a trace?
  • Setting parameters and their effects on a trace: Range, Pulse Width, Index of Refraction, Sampling Time
  • Understanding events: Non-reflective, Reflective, Gainers, Ghosts
  • Optical return loss
  • Effects of a launch and/or Landing box

Trace Analysis for Managers is designed to help managers to better assess the reports and ask the proper questions

Construction or Project Management

  • Wireless
  • Electrical
  • Voice/Data
  • OSP, Including Customer-Owned OSP
  • Site or Utility Contractors

End-User Markets

  • Education
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Utility (including Telephone, CATV, FTTx, Security)

**Candidates for this course may find it helpful to have knowledge or experience in the following areas, but it is not required:

Fiber Optic Advantages and Applications


  • Connector and Terminations
  • Enclosures and Panels
  • Test Equipment

This course is taken online only. No lab hours are required.

Certificate: OTDR Trace Analysis for Manager
Identifies you as a technician who understands the basic concepts of fiber optic trace analysis and evaluating traces.

Awarded by: DASpedia; The Fiber School; BICSI; ETA

There is no exam required.