Compact, high-power remotes make in-building and outdoor DAS networks easier to install, with lower cost of ownership

May 17, 2016 Cypress, CA – BTI Wireless, a leading provider of DAS solutions for in-building and outdoor applications, is launching a new line of high-power outdoor-rated DAS Remotes with up to 80W of available RF power per band. A quad-band configuration of this new remote is up to 65% smaller, 47% lighter, and consumes 40% less power than BTI’s current generation of high-power remotes, which have been deployed widely across North America and around the world.

The new mBSC High-Power Remote Node continues BTI’s trend-setting tradition of a highly modular architecture, enabling mix & match power levels across bands, and pay-as-you-grow deployment of modules. Integrated commissioning tools simplify the set-up and optimization of the end-to-end system through an intuitive web-based element management system.

DAS high-efficiency remote units

“The 80-watt per band power level has been a popular and differentiating capability of BTI products, but the real benefit of this new product line is at the 20W and 40W levels which comprise the majority of our deployments”, said Ron Poulin, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for BTI Wireless. “Combining our medium-power 2W and 5W remotes for interior areas with high-power remotes for outdoor adjacent and lower-capacity coverage is critical in today’s DAS deployments, and BTI Wireless provides leading products in both categories.”

The mBSC family of coverage enhancement products is an ideal solution for commercial, institutional, campus and public venues.

BTI’s high-efficiency remotes will start first field application deployments in Q3, with general availability commencing year-end 2016.

Meetings and product demonstrations will be held at the BTI Wireless booth #308 at DAS & Small Cells Congress.

About BTI Wireless

BTI Wireless (BTI) is a privately held, worldwide provider of wireless coverage solutions, power amplifiers, Distributed Antenna Systems, small cells, and other RF subsystems. Founded in 1999 in Cypress, CA, the BTI management team brings well over 150 years of combined leadership knowledge and design expertise within the wireless industry. BTI’s world-class engineering team works closely with wireless carriers and base station original equipment manufacturers on high performance, cost competitive solutions designed with the unique needs of its customers in mind. BTI has a global presence with operations in North America and Asia. For more information, visit us at