UNItivity System Delivers SMR/LMR, P25, Tetra, and FirstNET LTE
in an Easy-to-Deploy, Future-Proof Package
Dallas, TX – August 10, 2016 – Zinwave, a global provider of wideband distributed network solutions for in-building wireless, today announced that it will showcase its UNItivity Public Safety distributed wireless access solution (DAS) at the APCO 2016show being held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL on August 14-17. APCO is the world’s premier public safety conference and exhibition, and in booth 809 Zinwave will demonstrate the industry’s only wideband DAS, which supports all public safety and commercial cellular frequencies in one system and can accommodate the addition of future frequencies without the need for hardware upgrades.
UNItivity’s wideband architecture is ideal for venues needing public safety coverage because it natively supports SMR/LMR, P25, iDEN, Tetra and paging frequencies, providing access for any public safety service, and it does so without the need for hardware upgrades. In fact, UNItivity’s ability to support frequencies from 150 MHz to 2700 MHz means that it can already support the forthcoming 700 MHz LTE FirstNet frequency, so organizations can deploy it today with the confidence that it can support FirstNet when it’s available. The system has been selected for deployment to support public safety wireless by many organizations such as The City of Bellevue, Washington.
The UNItivity Public Safety DAS system provides state-of-the-art signal distribution for a wide range of public safety services and frequencies.  The intelligent hub is capable of accepting a signal source from repeaters, basestations or a mix of both sources. The highly flexible Zinwave technology can be deployed in either SISO or MIMO configurations, and also adapts to changes in the local public safety macro network by dynamically supporting frequency re-banding without any additional parts or configuration effort. UNItivity is easy and less expensive to install because it uses a streamlined design that includes just two components: a primary/secondary hub, and a thin, ceiling-mounted remote unit. In addition, Zinwave offers a NEMA 4-rated enclosure for Zinwave remote units, enabling them to withstand fire sprinklers and direct spray from hoses.
“Many public venues are required to provide wireless coverage for first responders, but budgets are tight,” said John Spindler, vice president of marketing at Zinwave. “Our wideband, simplified DAS architecture delivers outstanding performance with the industry’s lowest TCO, making it the best choice for buildings needing public safety wireless coverage.”
About Zinwave
Zinwave’s UNItivity platform is the only truly future-proof, universal wireless access solution on the market. UNItivity’s unique wideband architecture breaks the cycle of endless DAS upgrades because it supports any frequency from 150 MHz to 2700 MHz, accommodating current and future wireless services without hardware upgrades. In addition, UNItivity’s streamlined, all-fiber architecture makes it more reliable and much easier to install than traditional DAS solutions. Zinwave has a global customer base and is a subsidiary of McWane Inc. (www.mcwane.com), a privately held US manufacturing company and owners of a global group of wireless technology companies. For more information about Zinwave, please visit www.zinwave.com.
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