We understand wireless land use entitlements from the permit counter to final approval.  Our team brings the following experience and perspectives to every application:

City Planner: We understand the community’s values that the local planning officials and codes seek to protect.

Planning Commissioners, Hearings Officer, and City Council Member:  We understand how difficult it is for elected, appointed, and neutral decision-makers to balance competing considerations, and we present what they need to support a difficult approval.

Real Estate, Land Use and Telecommunications Attorneys:  Wireless network deployments are regulated heavily by three sometimes contradictory bodies of law: federal telecommunications laws and regulations; state real estate, zoning, and environmental laws, and local land use regulations.  We help you navigate the maze and present your best case.

Wireless and Real Estate Business Management:  Finally, we understand business.  As real estate and wireless industry business managers, we bring ideas and solutions that make business sense.