Common terms & acronyms used in wireless industry

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AAT - Antenna Array Tool -  Software tool for embedding antenna parameters and radiation patterns in test scenarios.
ACLR - Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio -  The ratio of the transmitted power on the assigned channel to the power received on the adjacent channel after passing through a root raised-cosine filter.
ACP - Adjacent Channel Power -  The power contained in a frequency channel next to the specified channel.
ACPR - Adjacent Channel Power Ratio -  The ratio of the power contained in a specified frequency channel bandwidth relative to the total carrier power.
AM Distortion -  Undesirable distortion caused by amplitude variation in a communications system.
AM/PM Distortion -  Undesirable distortion that causes signal degradation in a communications system, typically as the result of the interaction between an amplifier’s phase response and the power level (or amplitude) of the input signal.
AMF - Access And Mobility Management Function -  A component of the 3GPP core network architecture that manages user equipment registration, authentication, identification, and mobility. AMF also terminates non-access stratum signaling.
Antenna Reciprocity -  A theory that states that the transmit properties of an antenna will be identical to the receive properties of that antenna in a given medium.
AUSF - Authentication Server Function -  A major component of the 5G core network used to facilitate security processes. The AUSF authenticates UEs and stores authentication keys.
AWG - Arbitrary Waveform Generator -  Electronic equipment used to generate signals for injection into a device under test (DUT) to characterize its performance.
AWS - Advanced Wireless Services -  Wireless spectrum band used to transmit data and voice services. It uses frequencies 1700 MHz for uplink and 2100 MHz for downlink




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