Common terms & acronyms used in wireless industry

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Harmonic -  A signal at a frequency that is an integer multiple of another reference signal. The respective harmonic signal can be termed as 2f, 3f and so on where f is the frequency of the reference signal.
HD - Half Duplex -  A two-party communication system for exchanging voice or data, where only one node can speak at a time.
HetNet - Heterogeneous Network -  A system of network coverage consisting of many components, possibly including macrocells, small cells, oDAS and iDAS. A HetNet is designed to increase network density and add capacity for better user experience in a given area such as a city center
HSPA - High Speed Packet data Access -  It's an updgrade to WCDMA networks (both FDD, and TDD) used to increase packet data performance (Source: www.3gpp.org)
HSS - Home Subscriber Server -  Common database of subscriber information, keeps authentication information as well as permissions (e.g., authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) server).




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