Common terms & acronyms used in wireless industry

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RACH - Random Access Channel -  A channel shared among wireless devices to access the mobile network for call setup and data transmission bursts such as text messages.
RAN - Radio Access Network -  The part of the telecommunications network that connects user equipment to other parts of a mobile network via a radio connection. Connects user equipment to the core network.
RAT - Radio Access Technology -  The underlying physical connection method for a radio-based communication network. Modern phones may support several RATs in one device such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC (Near-Field Communications), and 3G, 4G or LTE, and 5G.
RRH - Remote Radio Head -  The component of a base station responsible for converting the digital signal into an analog signal for transmission. The remote radio head is usually located on the tower in proximity to the antenna(s) to minimize signal loss.
RRM - Radio Resource Management -  The management of radio resources and transmission characteristics such as modulation scheme, transmit power, beamforming, user allocation, data rates, handover criteria, and error coding scheme.
RRU - Remote Radio Unit -  A radio node deployed as part of an iDAS infrastructure. RRUs are usually connected with a DAS Head-End via fiber optic cable. Each DAS Head-End can support multiple RRUs depending on the installation type
RSRP - Reference Signal Received Power -  RSRP is the linear average of reference singal power (in Watts) across the specified bandwidth (in number of REs). This is the most important item UE has to measure for cell selection, reselection and handover. (Source: www.sharetechnote.com)
Rx - Recieve -  In wireless communications, the process of converting incoming transmissions into perceptible communications.




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