Common terms & acronyms used in wireless industry

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P-OFDM - Pulse-Shaped Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex -  An orthogonal frequency division multiplexing scheme that uses pulse-shaped multicarrier waveforms, offering comparatively high waveform robustness with low out-of-band emissions and interference.
PAPR - Peak to Average Power Ratio -  The ratio of the peak power of a signal to that signal’s average power.
PCF – Policy control function -  Element of the 3GPP core network architecture that provides policy rules to control plane functions.
PGW - Packet Date Network Gateway -  Equipment in the 4G LTE evolved packet core which connects the LTE network to other packet data networks.
Phased Array Antenna -  Phased array antennas are a means of creating narrow beams and dynamically pointing them in the desired direction without mmWave antennas used for 5G base stations and UEs. A phased array antenna is formed by an array of smaller antenna elements, such as individual patches or dipoles. By varying the relative phases and amplitudes of the signals applied to the individual elements, the antenna array can shape and steer a beam in a chosen direction.
Picocell -  A small cellular base station that is an alternative to a repeater or distributed antenna system to improve mobile phone reception indoors.
PIM - Passive Intermodulation  -  PIM occurs when passive components such as diplexers and couplers are used to channel multiple wireless signals. Lower PIM ratings indicate an overall high quality network. PIM is tested and measured in dBc (decibels relative to the carrier). Measurements below -150 dBc are considered low, although some carriers now require passive components to be rated in the -160 dBc range
PoE - Power over Ethernet -  Low voltage power transmission using traditional Ethernet cables like RJ45 or Cat5
PSS - Primary Synchronization Signal -  The second component of the synchronization signal block used for synchronizing user equipment with a base station.
PTCRB - PCS Type Certification Review Board -  A certification forum established by major North American service providers.




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