Common terms & acronyms used in wireless industry

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FBMC - Filter Bank Multicarrier -  A form of multicarrier modulation that deploys without synchronization of mobile user nodes signals. It offers better usage of available channel capacity, higher data rates within a given spectrum bandwidth, and higher spectrum efficiency. FBMC is considered inferior to orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) in handling multiple-input / multiple-output (MIMO) channels.
FD-MIMO - Full Dimension MIMO -  A MIMO technique added to the 3GPP specification with LTE- Advanced Pro (Release 13). FD-MIMO extends MIMO concepts to work in three dimensions: azimuth (horizontal), control (range), and elevation (vertical).
FDD - Frequency Division Duplex -  FDD requires two separate communications channels. Most cell-phone systems use FDD. The newer LTE and 4G systems use FDD. Cable TV systems are fully FDD. (Source: Electronic Design)
FDD - Frequency Division Duplex -  Using two different radio frequencies for transmitter and receiver operation to establish a full-duplex communications link.
FPY - First Pass Yield -  Metric describing the number of finished units compared to the number of units that went into the manufacturing process. FPY is a critical metric for device makers and is likely to decline with the complexities of 5G.
FR1 - Frequency Range 1 -  One of two frequency ranges prescribed by 5G NR. FR1 covers sub-6 GHz frequency bands, including some used by previous standards. FR1 also covers potential new spectrum offerings between 410 MHz and 7125 MHz.
FR2 - Frequency Range 2 -  The second of two frequency ranges prescribed by 5G NR; FR2 includes the millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies between 24.25 GHz and 52.6 GHz. Bands in FR2 have a shorter range and higher available bandwidth compared to bands in FR1.
Fronthaul -  Refers to links in the C-RAN that connect radio equipment at the tower with centralized radio controllers (radio equipment control). Fronthaul data is generally transported over fiber optics using the CPRI (common public radio interface) standard. Each manufacturer has a proprietary overlay to CPRI that exclusively requires that vendor’s equipment on both ends of the link.
FWA - Fixed Wireless Access -  A type of wireless broadband data communication between two fixed locations and connected through wireless access points and equipment.




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