Common terms & acronyms used in wireless industry

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SBA - Service-Based Architecture -  Type of architecture standardized by 3GPP for 5G core networks. The 3GPP defines an SBA to include service-based interfaces between control plane functions, with user plane functions connecting over point-to-point links.
SC - Single Carrier -  A transmission that uses a single radio frequency carrier to transmit all data.
SDN - Software-Defined Networking -  An approach using open protocols for remote configuration of network switches and routers.
SE - Spectral Efficiency -  SE measures how densely channels can be packed into a frequency spectrum. Higher density means more information can be transmitted. Also known as spectrum or bandwidth efficiency
SEM - Spectrum Emissions Mask -  A relative measurement of the out-of-channel emissions to the in-channel power. SEM measurements calculate the excess emissions that interfere with other channels or systems.
SFI - Slot Form Indicator -  Indicates how each of the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) symbols within a given slot is used. The SFI denotes whether a given OFDM symbol in a slot is used for uplink or downlink, or if it is flexible.
SFP - Small Form Pluggable Transceiver -  An optical transceiver used to transmit digital wireless data over a fiber optic network
SINR - Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio -  A ratio used by wireless RF engineers to determine the quality of a wireless network. It relates a particular transmitter antenna’s signal power to the total power received by all receiver antennas in the system with the noise in the system
SISO - Single In Single Out -  SISO is a type of antenna configuration using only one antenna, as opposed to MIMO, which uses several antennas and is faster
Small Cell - Small Cell -  A network of radio access nodes designed to increase the density of a wireless network Enclosures are typically no larger than 17 cubic feet, with antennas no taller than 3 feet. Range is generally from 10 to several hundred meters. Examples of small cell equipment includes MRO, MCO, mRRUS and mRBS
SMF - Session Management Function -  A fundamental element of the 5G service-based architecture (SBA) that establishes and manages sessions. It also selects and controls the user plane function and handles paging.
SNIR - Signal-To-Noise And Interference Ratio -  The power of the signal divided by the sum of interference power from competing signals and the power of the background noise present. SINR is used to describe the theoretical upper limit of channel capacity.
SNR - Signal-To-Noise Ratio -  The ratio of the strength of the signal to interference usually expressed in decibels.
SON - Self Organizing Networks -  SON solutions can be divided into three categories: Self-Configuration, Self-Optimisation and Self-Healing. The SON architecture can be a centralized, distributed or a hybrid solution (Source: www.3GPP.org)
SS-RSRP - Synchronization Signal Reference Signal Received Power -  The average of the power of the resource elements that carry the synchronization signal.
SS-RSRQ - Synchronization Signal Reference Signal Received Quality -  A measurement of the received quality of the synchronization signal.
SS-SINR - Synchronization Signal Signal-To-Interference-Plus-Noise Ratio -  The power of the synchronization signal divided by the sum of the interference from competing signals and the background noise present.
SSS - Secondary Synchronization Signal -  The second component of the synchronization signal block used for synchronizing user equipment with a base station.
Standalone NR -  A 5G network deployment configuration where the gNB does not need any 4G assistance for connectivity to the core network; the 5G UE connects to the 5G next generation core network (NGC or NGCN).
SU-MIMO - Single User, Multiple Input / Multiple Output -  An application of multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) technologies for wireless communication, in which the base station communicates with only one UE during the allotted time slice.




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