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SE - Spectral Efficiency -  SE measures how densely channels can be packed into a frequency spectrum. Higher density means more information can be transmitted. Also known as spectrum or bandwidth efficiency
SFP - Small Form Pluggable Transceiver -  An optical transceiver used to transmit digital wireless data over a fiber optic network
SINR - Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio -  A ratio used by wireless RF engineers to determine the quality of a wireless network. It relates a particular transmitter antenna’s signal power to the total power received by all receiver antennas in the system with the noise in the system
SISO - Single In Single Out -  SISO is a type of antenna configuration using only one antenna, as opposed to MIMO, which uses several antennas and is faster
Small Cell - Small Cell -  A network of radio access nodes designed to increase the density of a wireless network Enclosures are typically no larger than 17 cubic feet, with antennas no taller than 3 feet. Range is generally from 10 to several hundred meters. Examples of small cell equipment includes MRO, MCO, mRRUS and mRBS
SON - Self Organizing Networks -  SON solutions can be divided into three categories: Self-Configuration, Self-Optimisation and Self-Healing. The SON architecture can be a centralized, distributed or a hybrid solution (Source: www.3GPP.org)

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