Common terms & acronyms used in wireless industry

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OBW - Occupied Bandwidth -  The bandwidth containing 99% of the total integrated power of the transmitted spectrum, centered on the assigned channel frequency.
oDAS - Outdoor Distributed Antenna System -  DAS Deployed in an outdoor setting
OFDM – Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing -  A frequency division multiplexing scheme encoding digital data on multiple frequency channels to increase bandwidth and decrease response time. OFDM techniques allow for densely packed sub-carriers without the need for guard bands and filters, increasing spectral efficiency and simplifying electronic design. OFDM is especially good in severe channel conditions where narrowband interference exists.
OQAM - Offset Quadrate Amplitude Modulation -  A group of digital modulation schemes that conveys two digital bit streams by modulation the amplitude of carrier waves. The carrier waves are of the same frequency but out of phase with each other by 90 degrees, enabling simple demodulation at the receiver.
OTA - Over-The-Air -  Testing the RF performance, demodulation, or RRM (radio resource management) through the air interface, versus a cabled connection; often performed in an anechoic chamber.




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