Common terms & acronyms used in wireless industry

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NEF - Network Exposure Function -  A function of the 3GPP core network architecture that provides a means to securely expose capabilities and events. NEF stores the received information as structured data and exposes it to other network functions.
NEMs - Network Equipment Manufacturers -  Firms that build network equipment for service providers to manage their networks.
NF - Noise Figure  -  A figure used by RF engineers to determine the degradation in the signal-to-noise ratio in a wireless network, measured in decibels (dB). Lower NF values indicate a highly performing network. This is especially true for LTE
NFTF - Near-Field to Far-Field Transform -  A method for over-the-air (OTA) mmWave testing that samples the phase and amplitude of the electrical field in the near region and uses math to predict the far-field pattern. While this is a compact, low-cost method, it is subject to transmitter interference that impacts measurement accuracy.
NGC/NGCN – Next Generation Core / Next Generation Core Network -  The 5G next generation core network. NGC or NGCN is the part of the network that provides services to mobile subscribers through the radio access network (RAN). It is also the gateway to other networks, for instance to the public- switched telephone or to public clouds.
NLOS - Non-Line of Sight -  An RF signal path that is obscured by obstacles. Common causes for non-line-of-sight include obstacles such as buildings, trees, hills, and mountains.
NR - New Radio -  Shorthand for “5G NR.” 5G NR is the standard for a new OFDM-based air interface designed to support 5G devices, services, deployments, and spectrum. NR is used to describe 5G in the same way LTE is used to describe 4G. The 3GPP has three areas of focus for 5G NR: Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), massive machine-type communications (mMTC), and ultra-reliable low-latency communications (uRLLC).
NRF - Network Repository Function -  A component of the 3GPP architecture that provides service discovery between individual network functions.
NSA NR - Non-Standalone NR -  A 5G network deployment that uses existing 4G LTE radio and evolved packet core network control plane but also allows carriers to begin early trials using 5G UEs and 5G data (or user) plane.
NSSF - Network Slice Selection Function -  3GPP architecture function that selects the set of network slice instances serving the user equipment and determines which access and mobility management function to use.
Numerology -  Refers to how cellular communications waveforms are created based on underlying structures. The 5G NR specification permits flexible numerology, meaning the OFDM frame can have variable subcarrier spacing, symbol timing, and flexible usage of symbol slots. 5G NR permits different numerologies to be transmitted on the same carrier frequency.
NV IOT – Network Vendor Interoperability Testing -  Testing among vendors of network hardware and software to verify the interfaces between their network elements prior to software release in operator networks.




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