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C-RAN - Centralized Radio Access Network -  Cloud (sometimes referred as Centralized) RAN designed to overcome capacity issues of traditional network. Concept includes centralized deployment, cloud, collabration of different radio technologies such as macro, small cell, das, etc...
CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access -  The CDMA air interface is used in both 2G and 3G networks. It's a "spread spectrum" technology, allowing many users to occupy the same time and frequency allocations in a given band/space. (Source: www.cdg.org)
COW - Cell on Wheels -  A mobile cell site designed to increase existing cellular capacity during a large event like an outdoor concert
CPRI - Common Public Radio Interface -  A protocol used for digitized radio base stations to communicate with remote nodes
CWDM - Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing -  An optical technology that typically allows up to eight separate signals over a single strand of fiber optic cable using different wavelengths. This technology is useful in linking DAS Head-Ends with a BTS hotel location

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